My name is Chris Keplinger and I am a publicist and web designer. I started my career a decade ago providing public relations (PR) for up-and-coming independent artists in the music industry. Over the years I have expanded my range to working with small businesses of various industries but I have never lost sight of working with artists. PR is my passion and when you’re passionate about what you do you will always go the extra mile. I put passion into every project and client I work for. Passion plus professionalism equals the best results.


Press Release Writing & Distribution 

Writing press releases is an art form that requires a strong discipline in writing and also Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Writing doesn’t get seen without good SEO to attract the right attention. Furthermore, the old standard of mass distribution of a press release for SEO is dead. Mass distribution is more for credibility than visibility these days. My press releases are accompanied by multiple unique articles and strategic placements. Both the press releases and unique articles are keyworded and optimized for success. Linked is a list of notable placements and articles:

Guest Editor & Guest Posting

I have always had a passion for writing and naturally blogging is too. I started Cloud Up Blog in 2015 (2015-2021) as a niche blog for independent artists. Over the years the blog developed into a niche blog for independent artists and alternative news. Blogging on my platform lead to me blogging and guest posting on quite a few notable platforms. I am also a consistent contributor and Guest Editor to Hype Magazine. Linked is a few of  my guest postings and guest editor articles:

Web Design/Development 

Every website has a story, and I help clients find theirs. Extensity starts with intensity. A great website has its message ready and intensified at the site’s creation point. Web Design is more than just color concepts and visual ascetics. Web Design is a key part of the brand and the brand’s message. I have designed and developed (depending on the need) websites for clients in various industries. I also provide web consulting and web management services for small businesses. Linked is a list of websites I have designed/developed or provided consulting/management services:

Social Media Management & Marketing 

Despite what most people think, social media and social influence have always existed. The idea of having a platform to get your message out socially has existed since the creation of a podium. Publicists are well trained in all disciplines of the media including social media. Social media in its modern-day form encompasses far more than just Facebook and Instagram. Sites such as Reddit and WordPress fall under this umbrella too. Social Media encompasses a wide range of networks and the key is using and optimizing the right ones for your business and needs. I have helped many artists and small businesses achieve their social media goals. Growth often follows suit with the right message. Linked is a list of clients I have provided social media management/marketing or provided consulting services for:


Christopher Keplinger

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