My name is Christopher Keplinger and I am a publicist and web designer based in LA. I currently offer my skills freelance to artists and small businesses.

I started in PR over a decade ago transitioning from consulting in the music industry. Throughout my entire career one area I have noticed has the most need is marketing. “No plan is a plan for failure” and unfortunately a lot of independent artists and small businesses have no marketing plan in place. Understandably they are often to busy with their day to day operations to invest much time or money into marketing. However, this is a flawed approach and hinders a business’s growth.

Recognizing the challenges that independent artists and small businesses face in marketing and providing scalable solutions is crucial to their success. For the last decade I have helped quite a few artists and businesses do just this.

APR accredited as a publicist in the United States by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Accredited in Canada by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRA)

Facebook Blueprint Certified ads and management

NN/g UX Certification Nielsen Norman Group

GoDaddy Pro Partner web development and design