Hi, my name is Christopher Keplinger and I am freelance publicist and part of a marketing team based in Los Angeles. For over half a decade my team and I have helped small businesses and up-and-coming artists with their PR and overall marketing needs. A publicist is usually one of the first team members brought on when a company is looking to expand its marketing, hence I usually work with companies from their infancy stages onward.

Over the years I have narrowed down my services to offer what I feel are the most effective and efficient services:

Press Release Writing
Collaborate with experienced press release writers without spending a fortune. My marketing team and I will take your newsworthy story and design the ideal press release to increase brand recognition and give the appearance that you are an authority in your industry. Services are affordable and scalable.

Press Distribution
Send press releases to a big audience of journalists and traditional and online media outlets via press distribution service, also referred to as PR distribution. Obtaining media attention, both online and offline, is excellent for increasing brand awareness and can produce a significant number of natural backlinks to your website.

Blogger Outreach
Blogger Outreach is a well-known link-building tactic that entails contacting blog owners and offering to write free content for them or working together to create content that promotes your company, product, or service while being relevant to their target audience. You then incorporate a non-promotional backlink to your website inside the material.

All mentions are obtained as editorial links by my marketing team and I from placements inside the text of unbiased, non-promotional blog posts. These mentions and links are then used by search engines as indicators of authority, which can allow a website to rank higher.

Media Placements
Obtain high authority backlinks and mentions from reputable media websites from 20- 70+ domain authority. Over the years my marketing team and I have established ties with news outlets to some of the biggest media websites on the planet, enabling us to ensure varying levels of placements.

Similar to guest articles, links are securd to your website through media placements, and for optimum acceptance, these links are naturally blended editorially into the flow of a blog post.

Local Citation Building
Consistent NAP citations of your business will help you rank higher in local search results because search engines like Google regard these references as a trust indication.

To make sure that accurate and consistent information about your company can be easily accessed online, my marketing team and publish your business information to reputable local business directories as part of our Citation Building service. Citation management services are very helpful for locally based companies with a physical location that want to boost their local SEO.

Blog Writing
Increase the visibility and credibility of your brand or business by posting interesting thoughts, opinions, and facts on your website. In particular for informational SEO keywords, writing high-quality blog entries as part of your SEO plan will help you rank higher in search engines.