From Brick-and-Mortar to Online Star: How SEO Can Grow Your Business


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about ranking high on Google. It’s about attracting the right customers, increasing local visibility, and ultimately, growing your business in Johnson City, TN, the Tri-Cities region, or the dynamic Los Angeles market.

What is SEO?

  • When potential customers in your area search for products/services related to your business, you want your website to be at the top of the results.
  • Local SEO helps search engines understand your business is relevant to a specific geographic location.

Why is SEO Important?

  • Stand out from competitors in your area.
  • Attract more local customers actively searching for businesses like yours.
  • Improve your brand reputation within the Johnson City, TN / Tri-Cities community or the Los Angeles market.

How Can SEO Elevate Your Brand?

Imagine local customers in Johnson City searching for “local keywords related to your business” and finding your business at the top! This is the power of targeted SEO.

Ready to Enhance Your Online Visibility?

Take your to the next level with SEO!

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Chris Keplinger is a results-driven communications and public relations professional with over a decade of experience, including expertise in SEO and local SEO. He leverages his background to develop customized strategies that elevate brand visibility and drive business growth. Chris operates offices in both Tennessee and California, strategically located to serve clients in the Johnson City, TN / Tri-Cities region and the Los Angeles area.

Chris’ Expertise:

  • Over a decade of experience in communications and PR
  • Proven track record of success in SEO and local SEO
  • Deep understanding of diverse industries, including medical, health & wellness, music, and books

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Local SEO And How A SEO Specialist Can Help Your Local Business Grow

The online platforms have made it easy to connect with global consumers with proper digital marketing. But, how will you attract local customers to your business? Most consumers claim that they want to check real customer reviews on Google before reaching the physical outlet of a business. So, if you do not optimize your website for local search, there is a chance of losing valuable customers. You can hire professionals from a Local SEO agency and run a campaign for website optimization.

What is local SEO?

A business with a physical location in a particular geographical area will benefit from local Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO is a promotional campaign to improve your local business’s engine visibility. Search engines consider social media pages, citations, and other signals to make local search results more relevant to users. Businesses implement local SEO strategies to position their services or products to local potential customers.

The proximity factor is highly important, as it allows local search algorithms to consider your business location. You can hire a local SEO expert to boost your website’s rank in the local search results.

How to improve local search visibility- Get the best local SEO services

Local SEO professionals try to develop customized strategies for better local visibility. They manage every project through competitor analysis, strategic link building, and precise implementation. They will run a result-driven local SEO campaign to rank your business higher in local searches. 

Create and optimize your Google Business Profile

Creating an account at Google Business Profile is the most significant step for your local search optimization campaign. GBP is the best tool that lets you provide up-to-date and accurate business information (such as your contact number, business location, and business hours. Once you have created your profile, Google will verify it. As an authentic and verified business, you will find a sidebar space in the organic search results. Your customers can share your business reviews online, and you can respond to them authentically. Most local customers mention the city name while providing feedback.

Your Google Business Profile is advantageous not just for SEO. It will improve your potential customers’ experience, as the reviews allow them to make the purchase decision.

Your local SEO consultant will leverage Google Business Profile and other platforms to make your business easily accessible. But, it is essential to maintain consistency in your business details-

  • Name 
  • Business address
  • Phone number

NAP needs to be a crawlable HTML text on the website to let Google display the details based on location-based searches. But, NAP should not be in the images that are not crawlable to search engines. The header and footer of your website are the most common places to show business details. Consistency in NAP allows Google to verify and understand your business location.

Add location-oriented webpages to your site

If your business has multiple business locations, you can design location pages. Readers from different locations will reach the right location pages to learn about your store’s phone numbers, parking information, and other details. It is also essential to ensure that there is no duplicate content across various location pages. If your business has a single location, the About Us page should be locally descriptive.

Develop local content

As Google has become smarter, content developers should write better to attract the search bot. Affordable local SEO companies have efficient writers who will write about industry-related or local news. They will help you establish as a local authority in the industry. They ensure that on-page local signals are relevant to your potential customers. SEO content writers will write informative content or business-related content to keep readers engaged. 

Manage schema markup markup allows you to tell Google about your business. You should inform search bots about local business hours. Use properties that are only related to your business. Google will also use the comprehensive for a better understanding of your business.  

Consider local link building– 

To get local links, search for local directory listings. You can take advantage of these directories to add links for SEO. Your potential customers use these directories to find businesses to make their deals. 

SEO experts will help you with the local link building campaign to help you earn links from organizations close to your business location. 


You can hire experienced local SEO experts to optimize your website. With in-depth keyword research for local SEO, they will optimize your web content. They implement the right strategies for local SEO for brick-and-mortar stores and service-based businesses. SEO professionals continuously monitor your website’s rankings and regularly provide reports.


Why should you consider Voice search optimization for local businesses?

Many consumers use voice search devices to find relevant information or businesses. If you have optimized your local business for voice searches, it will bring more traffic. This SEO strategy will also help you increase the number of sales.

What is the importance of customer reviews for local SEO?

Online reviews are helpful to your SEO in various ways-

  • Reviewers often mention keywords in the feedback.
  • When your business has gained at least 5 reviews, stars or ratings will be visible to your potential customers. It will help you beat your competitors who have no visible stars.

A link to Google review can also be sent to customers to ask for more reviews.

Which are the best local SEO tools to streamline optimization efforts?

There are various SEO tools to help you build your local online presence. For instance, Semrush has designed a Listing Management tool that lets you manage online reviews and business listings. Yext is another innovative tool with a Review Monitoring functionality. You can integrate it with your site to track your business reviews in a single dashboard. You may also use a BiQ app to monitor ranking at any time.

What are the main components of Google’s local algorithm?

The most significant factors considered by Google’s local algorithms are-

  • Proximity- It refers to the distance between the business and the searcher.
  • Relevance- The search result most relevant to the searcher’s intent
  • Prominence- It refers to how well-cited or reputed a business is.